Other Services

Crew Services and Transfers
A CREW lounge is available at our Operations Centre, In the near future BESTFLY CREW lounge will be located at our brand new VIP Terminal / FBO. We provide secure and comfortable CREW transport to and from the Airport to the Hotel or any other location the client may request.


Hotel Reservations
Hotel availability is critical in Angola, due to the lack of sufficient infrastructure and the exponential growth Angola has been experiencing lately, so we can at the customer request assist with the bookings for their entire stay. By booking via BESTFLY, the customer shall take advantage of the BESTFLY preferred rates and agreements. These rates can be different from the counter rate up to 30%.

Passanger Assistance
While passengers enjoy our new our new state of the art private terminal facility, BESTFLY will assist them with emigration procedures. The VIP Terminal BESTFLY is the first of its kind in Angola, offering on site customs and emigration for both domestic and international flights. First Class transportation is offered, at the clients´request, from the hotel to the airport or any other location the customer may require. This service can be extended for the duration of their stay in Angola.
  Flight Planning Assistance
As one of the few Angolan companies to be certified by the Angolan Civil Aviation Authority, we will whenever required provide assistance to the CREW on the flight planning phase. Professional (Airline Style) pre-flight briefing, will be provided, this would cover all aspects from Meteorology to NOTAM’S in order to ensure a safe flight.
Fueling Services

BESTFLY will extend credit to its customers on fuel, at the best possible price; price is always dependent of the suppliers`price tag. This service will assure a superior level of efficiency where the coordination with the fuel supplier company SONANGOL will be done by one of our agents to ensure on time fueling in order to avoid unnecessary delays. The above coordination will be done as part of the basic handling even if the client chooses to use a different fuel payment method.

Since 10th March 2015, Bestfly has been recognized as the first ground handler/FBO in Angola to have its own dedicated fuel bowser. With this, we can assure that quality and efficiency of service will increase significantly.

  Overflight & Landing Permits
We guarantee the most efficient Angola Over flight and Landing permits processing although the required notice is normally 72h, we can guarantee a much shorter term. Short notice is enough notice to get an Angolan Permit…

VIP Catering
Due to our staff experience with corporate flying, we can guarantee first class catering services to fulfill any customers requests, the meals will be provided by either one of the 4 or 5 Star hotels on Luanda or by a local VIP catering provider.

  Bestfly Maintenance Services
Best Fly Maintenance announces the opening of a new part 145 Line Station at Luanda International Airport in the fourth quarter of 2014 to offer high quality maintenance services.






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