VIP Terminal

It is a state of the art facility with on site 24h Customs and Immigration Services, the quality is second to none, it has a parking lot capability of up to 200 cars, and our customers enjoy free parking while flying, has complementary wi-fi with three different lounges one of the a more exclusive lounge called Rainha Ginga (Queen Ginga) to honor one of the first lady fighters of the Angolan Independence back in the 17th Century against the Portuguese Colonial Regime, where the customers that require a extra level of discretion can enjoy the comfort of the FBO.

It is the first of its kind in Angola as well as in all Portuguese speaking countries and in Africa is one of the few full FBOs with all services on site, even major brands in the continent don´t have that.

What we appreciate on the reaction of our customers about the FBO is the "wow" effect it creates when the customer sees it for the first time...

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